Maroon (Toddler)

Welcome to the Maroon Class (18-36 Months)

IMG_7187Maroon class provides care for our older toddlers ages 18-36 months. Our class ratio is 1:5 adults with a 10 toddler class size. In the Maroon class we have a very full schedule consisting of Music and Movement, Story Time, Basic Signing, English, Spanish, and Learning games.  Everything we do has a purpose!

We learn a new letter every two weeks and review. If we are learning letter D, for example, each day we will learn a different word beginning with that letter and we will read books that coincide with an activity and craft. We teach shapes, colors, counting in English and Spanish, letters and letter recognition. We also practice potty training! We have a very organized and structured classroom and we believe that children learn better when they feel safe and comfortable. This is why we encourage friendships amongst the children and take a very hands on approach.


We never miss an opportunity to teach and learning happens in context around us all the time! For example, instead of asking a child to sit in a chair we will ask the child to sit in the “blue” chair.  Each day we ask the children to name their friend who is wearing a certain color.  We believe learning should be fun and interesting and we want our students to look forward to coming to school and exploring each new each day.

Maroon Daily Schedule (follow the link for essential skill focus information)





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